Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Bharat Nagpal

Bharat Nagpal

Director, Software Engineering
Capital One

Bharat Nagpal is a senior technology manager at Capital One, Chicago. Bharat is well known for creating high-performing teams and for his ability to lead through influence, mentorship, and transparency. During his tenure at the company, he has led several technology transformation projects. More recently, Bharat has developed extensive interest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He has worked with his teams to incorporate machine learning into customer experience, better detection of faults etc. One area that he is especially interested in, is automation of agile metrics and improvement of teams' "Agile health". He has experimented with applying machine learning to achieve these important goals and learned significantly from the same. Previously, Bharat worked at Discover, Sears, and IBM in various technology leadership roles. Bharat holds a master's degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from University of Chicago.