Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Amy Whicker

Amy Whicker

Agile Amy

Amy Whicker began her career in academia as a Computer Science professor where she taught agile and waterfall among many other topics. After 9 years of being a professor, Amy transitioned into the software industry and developed an instant passion for agile. With that passion, she has taken on every role in an agile team and some program level roles. She has worked the last 6 years in several organizations across varying types of industries. Amy has explored many agile frameworks, yet remains framework agnostic and she believes that at the core of agile is the Agile Mindset. Amy now speaks about the Agile Mindset at agile conferences and publishes articles in on the subject. Her passion for agile is apparent in everything she does. She enjoys sharing that knowledge with others and is happy to be able to train and teach on Agile!