Agile + DevOps West 2019 Tutorial: Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate and LEGOs


Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate and LEGOs

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Organizations today can no longer afford to deliver new features to their respective markets once a year or even once a quarter. In the attempt to catch up with the competition, they jump onto DevOps journey starting with the "How" and losing the sight of "Why" and "What". Join this gamified simulation tutorial to gain a solid understanding of foundational principles of the DevOps culture. Experience the benefits of DevOps transformation even before initiating one in your enterprise! This tutorial is ideally designed for organizations that are evaluating their approach to DevOps transformation, making their first steps in adopting DevOps practices, or noticing the gaps left by “automation only” approach to DevOps. This tutorial is based on real-life examples from medium to large size organizations, includes the latest findings from the State of DevOps report, delivers key ideas from “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, and facilitates a number of debriefings to draw parallels between the issues highlighted in the simulation and some of the similar issues the learners may have in their organisations (impact on business, segregation of duty, change management, Job security and even fear-based culture). Through this powerful role-based simulation with LEGO and Chocolate, participants experience the benefits of cross-training, learn to eliminate silos, adopt systems thinking and gain valuable insights that can be immediately applied in their organisations.

Dana Pylayeva
Agile Play Consulting LLC

Dana has seventeen years of diverse experience in software development and IT operations as well as agile coaching, facilitation, brain-friendly training, and game design. She is the author of Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Game, an international speaker and a TBR certified trainer. Dana holds an MS in robotics and mechatronics from Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN" as well as CSM, CSPO, CSP, and Certified LeSS Practitioner certifications. Dana is the founder of Big Apple Scrum Day conference in NYC, co-organizer of World Retrospective Day, co-organizer of NYC Scrum User Group, and a co-chair of the Learning track at Agile 2018.