Agile + DevOps West 2023 Pre-conference Training : Agile Programming—ICAgile Certification - $995 - June 28-29
Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - 10:30am to Thursday, June 29, 2023 - 5:00pm

Agile Programming—ICAgile Certification - $995 - June 28-29

Learn to develop better code with less effort and fewer defects and get hands-on experience with TDD, BDD, collaborative development, and the build process in this two-day workshop-style course.

  • Learn practical agile development techniques through hands-on exercises
  • Understand how to develop better code with less effort and fewer defects
  • Experience practical development approaches that will help your project attain enduring quality
  • Practice automating tests, refactoring, handling and legacy code
  • Get hands-on with TDD, BDD, collaborative development, and the build process
Many organizations are transforming to an agile culture to accelerate software development and delivery. This course engages attendees in software development techniques that are best applied to align with agile values and principles.
After an initial introduction to agile values and principles, one might wonder how work is meant to reflect the meaning of ambiguous phrases in the Agile Manifesto such as "working software is the primary measure of progress" or "simplicity—the art of maximizing the amount of work not done—is essential." How exactly are developers supposed to carry out programming in this new world?
This interactive workshop engages participants in pragmatic hands-on exercises to reinforce and practice what they learn. Participants walk away with experience in some of the most effective techniques used today and leave better equipped to develop software more effectively and efficiently.
Who Should Attend
Developers, software developers in test, architects, and technical leads who have a basic understanding of good programming practices and want to take their analysis, design and programming skills to a new level.
Laptop Required
This class involves hands-on activities using sample software to better facilitate learning. Each student should bring a laptop with a remote desktop protocol (RDP) client preinstalled. Connection specifics and credentials will be supplied during class. Please verify permissions with your IT Admin before class. If you or your Admin have questions about the specific applications involved, contact our Client Support team.

ICAgile Certification
Successful attendees are awarded the ICAgile Certified Professional: Agile Programming (ICP-PRG). Additionally, the certified professionals will be listed on the ICAgile website, indicating their designation. Coveros recommends Agile Fundamentals—ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) for those seeking ICAgile certifications.The ICAgile certification fee is included with your registration for your convenience.


Course Outline
Agile recap
Automated tests
    Types of tests to automate
    Fixture setup
    Coding tests by intention
    Verifying results
    Completeness conditions
    Avoiding duplication
    Listening to your tests
    Testing the tests
    Refactoring tests
    Test speed
    Test execution time
    Use test doubles
    Dependency injection
    Clean programming
    Common code smells
    Principles of refactoring
    Common refactorings
    Refactoring tools
    Approaching legacy code
    Retrofitting tests on legacy code
    Collective accountability
    Collective ownership
    Basics of pairing
    Types of pairing
    Build tools
The build process
    Build tools
    Version control
    Continuous integration
Class Daily Schedule
3-Day Daily Schedule: 12:00pm-4:30pm ET/9:30am-1:30pm PT
2-Day Daily Schedule: 10:30am-5:00pm ET/8:00am-2:00pm PT
Times represent the typical daily schedule. Please confirm class schedule at registration.


Training Course Fee Includes
  • Easy course access: Attend training right from your computer. Easy and quick access fits today’s working style and eliminates expensive travel and long days in the classroom.
  • Live, expert instruction: Instructors are sought-after practitioners, highly-experienced in the industry who deliver a professional learning experience in real-time.
  • Valuable course materials: Courses cover the same professional content as our classroom training, and students have direct access to valuable materials.
  • Rich virtual learning environment: A variety of tools are built in to the learning platform to engage learners through dynamic delivery and to facilitate a multi-directional flow of information.
  • Hands-on exercises: An essential component to any learning experience is applying what you have learned. Using the latest technology, your instructor can provide hands-on exercises, group activities, and breakout sessions.
  • Real-time communication: Communicate real-time directly with the instructor. Ask questions, provide comments, and participate in the class discussions.
  • Peer interaction: Networking with peers has always been a valuable part of any classroom training. Live Virtual training gives you the opportunity to interact with and learn from the other attendees during breakout sessions, course lecture, and Q&A.
  • Small class size: Live Virtual courses are limited in small class size to ensure an opportunity for personal interaction.