Agile + DevOps West 2020 DevSecOps Summit Session - DevSecOps Summit: Blameless Retrospectives in DevSecOps at Global Healthcare Giants | TechWell


Friday, June 26, 2020 - 1:00pm to 1:45pm

DevSecOps Summit: Blameless Retrospectives in DevSecOps at Global Healthcare Giants

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Implementing a scalable DevOps program can seem like an impossible task at times. Add security into the mix and the challenge can appear insurmountable. Organizations around the world have come to realize the potential business impacts of adopting DevSecOps and how it can enable engineers to deliver more value to the market faster. While the prospect of transformation seems alluring, a great number of organizations are still unsure of where to start, what’s involved, how much it will cost and how to achieve success. Discussing our triumphs and tragedies not only bring clarity, but champion the idea that no matter the size of your organization - be it large enterprise or nimble startup - is different from one another. These retrospectives are an important mechanism for teams to develop transparency, share knowledge, and improve the way they work together. While often difficult to look back and identify failure when searching for success stories, it’s the things that go wrong that we learn from the most. In this session, DJ Schleen and Aaron Rinehart, two DevSecOps transformational leaders from the largest healthcare giants in the world share their retrospective experiences, lessons learned, and what they could have done differently. DJ and Aaron will each share where they started in their respective journeys, challenges they faced, and what it took to overcome them while walking through what their respective journeys looked like building a successful DevSecOps program.

DJ Schleen
Rally | United Healthcare

DJ is a seasoned DevSecOps advocate and practitioner that provides thought leadership to organizations looking to integrate security into their DevOps practices. He comes from a practitioner background and specializes in architecting DevSecOps pipelines, automating security in DevOps environments, and breaking down organizational silos that inhibit the delivery of safer software. DJ has worked to streamline development pipelines and practices for many Fortune 100 organizations by focusing on culture and technique. He uses this expertise to surface the right technology to serve business goals and support outcomes. He is an international speaker, blogger, instructor, and author in the DevSecOps community, where he encourages organizations to deeply integrate a culture of security and trust into their core values and product development journey.