Agile + DevOps West 2020 Concurrent Session : Stop Agile Training. Start Agile Learning.


Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Stop Agile Training. Start Agile Learning.

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Too often agile transformations start with “Let’s go Agile! Train everyone!” We train once and then we’re agile, right? But then you hear the comments--“this is too hard,” “this won’t work with our code base,” “what did they say again?” Agility stops when the training ends. Unfortunately many frameworks encourage this view, ironically doing Big Up Front Training while criticizing Big Up Front Design. But there’s a better way. Current literature shows adults can’t just be trained, they must learn skills and build competencies. Instead of approaching our agile transformations with waterfall training, we have to use iterative, strategic learning initiatives to sustain agility. Explore the best, and the worst, of training using stories from SAFe transformations, technical dev ops initiatives, and even collegiate debate coaching to give us insights on our agile transformations. Drawing from modern movements in learning science and Agile learning such as the The Agile in Education compass, the Agile in Education movement, and Lot Like Agile Training, we will take a new approach to creating agility through sustained communication. Not just for trainers or coaches, this session will review agile training best practices, common pitfalls, and provide you strategies to support and sustain agile transformations.

Mary Bobbitt
United Shore

Mary Bobbitt is Agile Evangelist, focused on developing learning organizations to sustain agile transformations. A collegiate debate coach turned agilist, Mary has operated as a scrum master, coach, facilitator, and, of course, trainer. She has led initiatives for many agile topics, including SAFe, TDD/BDD, and DevOps. She has coached a variety of teams in the agile space, including feature, architecture, platform, marketing, and training teams, Mary believes learning underpins all our agile journeys and embodies the following quote from the Agile in Education Compass, "Together, we are discoverers of the world and ourselves."