Agile + DevOps West 2019 Concurrent Session : Roadmapping and Backlog Prioritization for Complex Situations


Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Roadmapping and Backlog Prioritization for Complex Situations

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With the adoption of Agile processes and shorter iterations, organizations and teams can deliver value faster and with less risk. Product owners can launch features to customers in regular and shorter cycles, learn, and iterate. But what if you manage a product that has dependencies on other products or systems? Or your product serves a market that requires coordinating with customers on any new feature launches? As a Product Owner, you want to deliver features as fast as possible so that you can add value to your business and customers. Agile is no longer a novel methodology and speed is paramount in competitive markets. But there are valid constraints that you may need to take into account when prioritizing your backlog and planning your roadmap. Join Marissa as she discusses the various needs required in the product development effort, from system dependencies to launch requirements. She’ll discuss different considerations for backlog prioritization and how to ensure that customer value remains top of mind.

Marissa Fong
Produx Labs

Marissa Fong has over 15 years of strategy and product management experience and has led teams at both larger companies attempting digital transformations as well as fast-growth, early-stage startups. She is currently a Director of Product at Produx Labs, and consults for early-stage startups focused on scaling growth. Prior to joining Produx Labs, Marissa held product roles in health tech, including at Quartet Heath, a Google Ventures-funded company, and Annum Health. She was a director at American Express Global Business Travel, where she led a global product portfolio and managed a team of five product managers. She is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and is based in New York.