Agile + DevOps West 2022 Concurrent Session : Quality Gates in Test Automation


Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm

Quality Gates in Test Automation

Our organization adopted the CI/CD model for all product validation tasks just over 1 year ago with automated testing being primary step in the pipeline. We discovered that test automation eventually became a bottleneck within the pipeline due to its flakiness and constant maintenance. We determined a need to treat test automation development similar to product development. This allowed us to define multiple Quality Gates in test automation development by utilizing our own CI/CD pipeline. Now, we have tremendous confidence in our test automation and its stability in product validation. Every new check-in of test automation code goes through quality gates and the final test automation build is delivered only after passing all the quality gates within the Test Automation pipeline. Biggest lesson is to transform our mindset by treating test automation development as we do product development. If we are adopting best practices for product development such as validation within a CI/CD pipeline, security and static code analysis scans, along with the use of quality gates then we should adopt these same practices for test automation development. At the end of the talk, conference attendees will know exactly how they can transform their test automation code through implementation of various toolsets, along with use of quality gates in the test automation CI/CD pipeline to achieve robust, stable, releasable automation.

Dell Technologies

With passion of lifelong learning, Prashant Patil has been leading his life by setting examples, adapting to situations and solving technical challenges. He completed his Master's from Southern Methodist University in 2006 and started working at AT&T as a Performance Test Engineer after graduation. His keen eye for detail, efforts toward streamlining automation, and creative problem-solving skills along with exceptional leadership skills, have earned him several recognitions throughout his career. Seeking the ability to further hone his skill sets, he joined Dell Technologies in 2010 and is currently architecting automation solutions focused on delivery of cloud-based microservices. He has been a crucial driving member of Software Development Transformation efforts and has enabled the success of several test teams within Dell’s organization. He loves spending time with his family, road trips, listening to music, photography, volunteering and fun vacations.