Agile + DevOps West 2019 Concurrent Session : Nine Levels of Agile Hell... and How to Get Out!


Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Nine Levels of Agile Hell... and How to Get Out!

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The work done during an agile transformation can feel like a Sisyphean effort – if agile is the solution, then the work is very complex and full of pitfalls! BUT—do not abandon hope! In this talk, Dave Bujard and Chris Stemen will discuss nine circles of Agile Hell. Each Agile hell is an example of a problem that exists in many programs. Discuss the undercurrent issues that often are the cause… and how to deal with the underlying and surface issues. Bring your cell phones—you're going to need them. During the first five minutes, Dave and Chris will ask participants to prioritize their pain points via an interactive app. During the presentation, we will focus on the six agile hells closest to participants' experiences. Threaded throughout the presentation, participants will be engaged to poll their experiences as Dave and Chris convey specific real examples of “escaping” out of each agile hell—from agile coaches that Dave and Chris know. Learn to expand your toolbox of techniques to help your organizations in simple and achievable ways.

David Bujard

David Bujard has referred to himself as an agile enthusiast since 2008. Threaded in Dave’s two decades in information technology, he has been a soldier, a satellite communications operator maintainer, a network engineer, a technical trainer, a criminal investigator, a nuclear biological chemical safety officer, a Scrum Master, a book club founder, a house concert cost, a boardgame geek, a SciFi geek, a process geek, a geek geek… and a dad! Dave has worked as a government contractor in several government agencies. Currently he is an agile coach and federal employee at Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Chris Stemen
Blackstone Federal

Chris Stemen has designed complex cultural and strategic transformations for both the federal government and for commercial software companies, fusing cutting-edge agile best practices with advanced technologies. Chris serves as Senior Strategist at Blackstone Federal.