Agile + DevOps West 2019 Concurrent Session : Making the Jump from DevOps to DevSecOps Effectively


Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Making the Jump from DevOps to DevSecOps Effectively

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Organizations are moving to Agile and DevOps to build and deploy software more rapidly. As they break down organizational silos to bring together testing, development, and operations, they often avoid or exclude security in their transformational efforts. Highly-regulated organizational leaders are often left wondering: Where does my traditional security organization fit into this new Agile/DevOps world? How do I know that my applications are becoming more secure, while still getting the advantages of rapid incremental, deployment? Alan will talk about his experiences with financial, health and government clients adopting DevSecOps practices to address these challenges. He’ll discuss what the essential characteristics that make up a strong DevSecOps pipeline and what practical changes you can adopt now. Then, he will describe how quality gates and security testing can be used to shift security left. Lastly, Alan will review common pitfalls he encountered along the way. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to reduce software risk and increase visibility into the security of their applications by adopting DevSecOps practices.

Alan Crouch

Alan Crouch is a Managing Consultant with Coveros, Inc., which helps companies build better applications using agile, DevOps, and security best practices. Alan works with C-level and senior management at private companies and federal agencies to transform and adopt a more Agile/DevSecOps practices when building and deploying mission-critical software. He has assessed, designed and implemented multiple custom DevSecOps pipelines utilizing Cloud technologies for clients such as Symantec, Departments of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Appian and mobile start-ups. Spare time finds Alan traveling the globe and creating adventures for his son and daughter. Follow Alan on Twitter @coveros_alan.