Agile + DevOps West 2020 Concurrent Session : The Lost Art of Live Communication: Get Connected to Your Customers


Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

The Lost Art of Live Communication: Get Connected to Your Customers

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Have you ever been in the same room with coworkers and sent them a Slack or text message instead of having a live conversation? As technology professionals, we often focus more on technical skills and ignore the important communication skills. Many people are starting to prefer virtual or chat messaging to face-to-face conversations, but live communication can get better results at work—and with your customers. Join Jennifer Bonine to see how to make the most of—and get the best results from—your live conversations. Jennifer will share a toolkit to help you assess your core communication competencies and see how you can build and improve on them. This includes a personal assessment of your communication style and competencies, a set of eight dimensions for successful communication, suggestions on how you can improve competencies that are not in your core set of communication strengths, and techniques for leveraging and building on your strengths. When it comes to live communication, these exercises can help you gain an understanding of yourself and strive for balanced communication techniques, through recognition of both your strengths and your “development opportunities.”

Jennifer Bonine

PinkLion’s CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Bonine is the first female Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) testing tech CEO. Representing the United Nations sustainable development goals of equality, inclusivity, and promise in AI technology, PinkLion is the only company successfully integrating, delivering, and managing AI-based testing for gaming platforms and games without access to the code. PinkLion partners with Test.AI to retrain client workforces, resolving AI testing challenges previously considered impenetrable. Employing a human engagement and AI-first strategy, Jennifer collaborates with entertainment, gaming, media, and sports industries facing AI-based scrutiny.

A guest speaker at Davos’s World Economic Forum, Jennifer will be featured at the UN’s AI for Good summit. She is a member of AI Grrls and TeamWomen, a supporter of Lead the Way, and is a Founding Board Member of the US bid for a Minnesota World Expo 2027. PinkLion is a Google (Gradient) AI Backed Company.