Agile + DevOps West 2020 Concurrent Session : Instilling a Culture of Craftsmanship


Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Instilling a Culture of Craftsmanship

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When companies are struggling to increase the quality of their deliverables they tend to turn towards quick technology fixes, for example pushing for more test automation. The real solution isn't a technology fix but a cultural one. We need to change our culture to one that embraces, nurtures and encourages software craftsmanship. It's only when your employees care about the quality of their work and when your organization rewards quality over speed that you'll make a lasting impact. Let's explore what this means and how we can start this culture shift: What is a software craftsman? Where did this idea come from? If agile came from developers, why did it move away from them? How do we bring Agile back to developers, how do we get them back on track for better quality? What is your company doing that blocks it from happening? Effective steps you can do at the team level to raise the bar in quality. What can you do at an organizational level to incentivize craftsmanship? The main objective of the session is to bring awareness that code quality isn't just a technical problem, it's also an organizational culture problem. If you don't change the culture, you won't have any success in solving the technical problems.

Benjamin Scott
Ippon Technologies

Ben Scott earned a B. S. in Computer Science at Virginia Tech and started a career as a software developer. After being introduced to Scrum on a client project, he became an avid agilist and spearheaded his company's transition from Waterfall to Scrum. Once the transition was complete he worked as a Scrum Master and managed several software projects to successful completion. He is now working as a consultant at Ippon Technologies as the Agile Development Practice Manager where he contributes to an open source project, teaches agile methods with a focus on developers both internally and to clients.