Agile + DevOps West 2020 Concurrent Session : Creating an Agile Test Team Isn’t a Game…Or Is It?


Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Creating an Agile Test Team Isn’t a Game…Or Is It?

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When it comes to our agile testing teams, the best we can hope for is to hire the right people with the right attitude and necessary aptitude. And then once they’re part of the team, to nurture their QA and testing skills. And we all know being a successful agile tester requires a different set of skills and aptitudes, and perhaps even personality traits, than other types of testers. How do we accomplish such a monumental task? Several years ago, Bob had an epiphany…GAMES! He recalled his military days and the war games the Army would play. He thought back to his consulting for the Navy to teach them how to automate tests against flight simulators. History tells us games go back over 2,300 years as a tool to teach. Thus, he began using games, puzzles and brainteasers to provide ongoing development of testing skills and to assess if a potential new hire has “what it takes” to be part of a dynamic, agile testing team. Join Bob Crews for this uber-interactive, high audience participation, fast-paced presentation as we play the games and solve the puzzles which can assist in building and developing great Agile testing teams! The audience will learn: The value of utilizing games, puzzles and brainteasers to educate and reinforce knowledge; the benefits of using brainteasers and puzzles during the hiring process; and how games and brain twisters can be used as an observation tool

Bob Crews
Checkpoint Technologies

Bob Crews, CEO and Co-founder of Checkpoint Technologies, is a consultant and trainer with 31 years of IT experience in full life-cycle development and software testing. Bob and his organization provide services and solutions focused on QA with a concentration in functional, performance and security testing. He has assisted organizations such as is Harvard University, Raymond James, the FBI, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Department of Veterans Affairs in developing teams, processes and solutions to improve the quality of their applications and systems. Bob has consulted for over 290 organizations on QA, effective software testing, building effective teams and process, test automation, and risk analysis. He is exceptionally passionate about the future of IT and software testing and believes “The best is yet ahead!”